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Unbreak My Heart

Recipient of Eastman Kodak Award for Excellence in Cinematography

Creating story driven images in a style that can best be described as Romantic Naturalism

Blessed with an education derived from the school of hard knocks, Eric Goldstein’s creative pursuit as a Cinematographer spans well over 35 years. He is lucky that he has a true passion for it.
Starting as a teenager, Eric worked as a camera assistant for the renowned civil rights photographer James ”Spider’ Martin in Birmingham Alabama. Went to school at the Rhode Island School of Design and earned a film degree from the California Institute of the Arts. He moved to Los Angeles in 1980 and after volunteering on camera crews for numerous productions, has since worked as a union assistant, operator and Director photography in nearly every genre of filmmaking, from Independent features, Documentaries for BBC and PBS, episodic Television for Networks, Mow’s , Sports photography for ESPN, National commercials, to features for major studios.
His experience allows him to work fast and decisive. Goldstein’s professional IMDB resume contains over 110 full-length film credits and has garnish recognition and awards from the Industry standards like Eastman Kodak, The Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences, The Vancouver Leo Awards and the Gemini awards. He has worked with accomplished directors, celebrities, and countless first timers.

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Now based in Vancouver BC. Eric is a father of two, and grateful for all the great mentors he has worked for and opportunities he has experienced. In addition to working as a cinematographer, Eric is a painter and a generally great guy.

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